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About the founder

Dr. Diksha Sabharwal Chadha, M.D.

Dr Diksha Sabharwal is a gold medalist doctor with a degree in Preventive Medicine from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. After completing her senior residency program from the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College, she started working with new mothers, helping them prepare for child birth and the days after. The experiences during and after the birth of her daughter inspired her to design "the purple nest" program for the modern Indian mother. She strongly feels that the woman of today should have the freedom to raise a child and live her life the way she wants to..

Founder, The Purple Nest

About Us

Be the best mom you can be..

The purple nest is not your typical antenatal class, it has been designed specially for the modern Indian woman! It offers home or centre based classes to prepare you for pregnancy, labour, delivery, child birth and first year of life as a new parent!

At the first signs of pregnancy, a woman naturally wants to do whats best for her body and her child. Besides teaching the usual pregnancy yoga techniques, we also train your body and mind to physically and mentally meet the requirements of pregnancy. 

No need to go looking online for what to eat and what to avoid, we offer service of making a detailed chart for Indian diet during pregnancy 

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