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10 ways to de-stress in pregnancy

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

Modern world comes with its challenges! Stress doesn't spare you just because you are pregnant! But you can learn how to beat it!

Most working women wait till very close to delivery to go on maternity leave. This leaves them exposed to the stress of work, personal life and the added challenges of being pregnant. So how about learning some easy ways to instantly de-stress!

Either you learn how to handle stress or the stress will handle you!!

1. Start with the right attitude!! Remember that the difference between a good and a bad day is the attitude you keep towards it! So spin the bad luck and bad day to make it sound like a good one! For example, when you are running late and you miss your metro or bus, just tell yourself that maybe the next one is supposed to be empty!!

2. Turn that frown upside down!! Literally!! Smile.. As much as you can. Even if it feels artificial in the beginning, smile more. Soon your facial muscles will have your brain believing that you are happy!

3. Take a hot bath! No reason needed for this one! Hot baths stimulate skin and lead to release of happy harmones in the body!

4. Step out of the bad situation! If there is bad aura at the office or home and you can not handle it, just step outside for some fresh air! Leave the room till you feel you are ready to tackle it or forget about it!! Save yourself a fight

5. Buy yourself a present! Go shopping and buy something you like! It doesn't have to be big or expensive.. just something that you might enjoy!

6. Pamper yourself at the salon or spa! Just remember to inform them about your pregnancy and they can take special care of you!

7. Gossip with your girlfriends!! There is something about talking to your best friend that will always put you in high spirits!

8. Go for a walk in the park. Look at the children playing there and step on the swing yourself (but carefully!)

9. Binge watch your favourite tv show while munching on your favourite food!!

10. Listen to your favourite music as you sit back in your bed and relax!! Try making a playlist that you can use during labour to help with relaxation techniques!

It may seem too easy, but it just is!! Try not to stress about stress :-) Remember that your baby can hear your heart beat, so when you stress, your baby knows from your changing heart beat! So relax and let your baby feel that mommy is fine!

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