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To Talc or not to talc

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

The shopping list of new mothers invariably has this one common item, which is neither useful nor safe to use in a new baby

I have often seen moms to be looking confused at the baby stores, wondering which pack of talcum to pick up. I am often asked " Which one do you suggest?". My answer is always "None of them!!".

Why do you want to buy talcum? Is it to keep baby's bum dry? Is to make the baby sweat free? Is it so that baby smells good? Talcum is not just useless, it may prove toxic to your baby's health!

When I ask women in childbirth classes if they plan to powder their baby's head, they all laugh! "Well that's where the baby sweats!!", I tell them. Babies only have active sweat glands on their head. So they don't sweat in their armpits or any where else in body! So if you wish to talc the baby to prevent sweating, understand that it is logically useless!

Latest research suggests that inhaling talcum can cause allergies and asthma like symptoms in children. Use of baby talc has also been linked to ovarian cancer!! So why risk it for some good smell. Your baby would be smelling just fine with the baby wash and lotion you are using! And if you are worried about diaper rash, try applying oil or nappy cream, instead of talcum.

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