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The Purple Nest

Antenatal classes & Birth Preparedness Program

About the founder

Dr. Diksha Sabharwal

Diksha Sabharwal is a gold medalist doctor with a degree in Preventive Medicine from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. After completing her senior residency program from the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College, she started working with new mothers, helping them prepare for child birth and the days after. The experiences during and after the birth of her daughter inspired her to design "the purple nest" program for the modern Indian woman. She strongly feels that the woman of today should have the freedom to raise a child and live her life the way she wants to..

Dr Diksha Sabharwal Chadha, M.D. Founder, The Purple Nest
Why take an Antenatal Class?

As you take your first steps towards motherhood, your body, mind and home environment need preparation to welcome the new baby. Antenatal classes provide you with the opportunity to  learn from experienced birth professionals and mothers. It also offers you a chance to bond with other mothers of your birth cohort and help form a supporting community around you. 

The Enlightened Motherhood Program @ The Purple Nest

Our unique program has been designed by Indian experts and is a perfect fit if you are a modern Indian woman living in traditional Indian Society. Delivered in a variety of formats depending upon your convenience, from weekly classes extending throughout your pregnancy to two day workshops, we customise the program for every pregnancy. We treat pregnancy as a normal physiological state that needs to be welcomed and celebrated. We encourage education and preparation and are the only program that offer an year long mentorship to help new parents cope with the pressure of modern day parenting.


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