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Seven ways to protect your baby from mosquitoes this monsoon!!

Seven ways to protect your baby from mosquitoes this monsoon
Enjoy worry free outdoors with the baby!

Monsoon’s here!! Monsoon showers have bought down the pollution levels in Delhi with the levels finally being fit for outdoor activities. With the welcoming pleasant weather, who wouldn’t want to step out in the rain once in a while. So what’s stopping all the strollers from hitting the parks?

As a fellow over protective mom, I understand that the answer is fear of mosquito bites and diseases caused by them. Remember that indoor air pollution is an actual thing. It is important for baby’s health and development to step out into the fresh air every once a while. So here are seven things moms can do to protect their little ones from mosquito bites while out in the park.

1. Clothing:

Make sure your little one is dressed in full sleeves and legs are fully covered as well. Cotton clothing lets the skin breath and also allows for excess moisture to be absorbed. You don’t really have to worry about excess sweating with the infants as they usually don’t sweat as much as adults. Cotton booties or socks can help cover the tiny feet.

2. Mosquito nets:

Just like you use mosquito net over beddings at home, nets are available as an accessory for the stroller as well. If the infant is resting in pram or stroller, these nets offer full protection while allowing the child to look out at the surroundings. If you don't want to invest in another accessory for the pram, simply use a dupatta or chunni of light colour to put over the pram. Make sure the fabric is breathable. Another option is to buy mesh net fabric from market and use it to cover the pram. You can fix these to the pram using paper clips or cloth clips.

3. Repellant creams:

Though I won't recommend applying chemical creams directly on infant’s skin, there are certain specialised repellant creams available in the market for infants. If you decide to use them, apply on the exposed limbs but not on face or scalp.

4. Natural insecticidal sprays:

These sprays usually contain herbal extracts that are natural repellants to mosquitoes. You can spray it on baby’s clothes or directly on the stroller. You can also spray it on your own shoes/sandals to prevent bites on exposed feet. I find these sprays are extremely convenient as they can be carried in the purse and you can even use these to spray on and under the park bench before you sit down. It offers some degree and duration of freedom from mosquitoes as they naturally dislike the smell of these herbs.

5. Mosquito patches:

These patched also contain the same herbal extracts as the sprays but have limited reach of effect. They come as cute stickers that can be applied on baby’s clothes. Best is to apply a couple of stickers at the same time. For eg. One on back, just under the neck and another near feet. These patches are effective for just under 12 hours. They can be removed from clothing to put on bed side at night as well. Make sure you remove them from clothes before putting the clothes in the washing machine as they can stick to the washer tub. More than their utility, I feel I buy them for their cuteness!!

6. Mosquito bands:

These bands have a reservoir of insecticide that releases gradually. Usually better suited for toddlers and older kids as infants tend to bite onto them. If you already own one, put the band on the ankle instead of wrist to avoid biting by baby. Make sure your baby isn't confusing it with his/her teether!

7. Time of outing:

Mosquitoes may bite throughout the day but their peak biting hours are close to dawn and dusk. So avoid stepping out too close to these timings and take extra precautions if you do. Its better to step out in the park in late afternoon or early evenings!

P.S. Avoid applying mustard oil on infant’s skin. It is an irritant and can lead to allergies.

Hope you can use some of this information to confidently step out and enjoy the monsoon air in Delhi.

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